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Exceptional Austrian cuisine in Vienna

Experience the famous Viennese cafes -Vienna is the only city in the world where gastronomy and tradition are so closely connected. Since the 17th century, the time of the Turkish sieges of Vienna, the Viennese have had a unique Vienna coffee house tradition. You can look forward to the specialties of the typical Viennese cuisine !

Can you guess what a “Kleiner Brauner” (or Little Brown) is ? One of many types of specialty Viennese coffee, it can be ordered at all traditional Viennese cafes – and during your stay in Vienna, you will find plenty of try ! Tip: a specially brewed black coffee with whipped cream on top. Have you tried a traditional Austrian strudel or one of the many other pastry and cake specialties found in Viennese cafe ? Enjoying a specialty coffee and cake is a great way to experience a slice of Viennese culture.

Delicious specialty Austrian food in Vienna – having good food is something that is understood in Vienna. Use your holiday here to discover the Viennese “Beisl” or bistro dining culture. The typical Viennese cuisine – think of Wiener Schnitzel, dumplings, goulash. Would you like to enjoy a glass of Austrian wine at one of the Viennese Heurigers ? These wine taverns, which serve “Heurige” or new wine, are located on the outskirts of the city. They offer not only an extensive wine list, but often a breath-taking view over the city as well.

Famous names in Viennese cafes – Viennese coffee houses: no place else has a similar tradtion. Meeting at a cafe is of enormous importance to the Viennese. In the past, famous authors such as Peter Altenberg and Hugo von Hofmannsthal met there.

Enjoy a piece of Sachertorte and the Wiener Melange in our new opened outdoor “Sisi-Cafe” – open since end of May 2011

Viennese Coffeehouses

The location of the Hotel Kaiserin Elisabeth is perfect – also for a visit of the famous Viennese coffeehouses like: Café Central Café Hawelka Café Mozart Café Schwarzenberg

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Viennese cuisine

The typical Viennese “Beisl” (a kind of taverne) is the best place to enjoy the Viennes specialities. Here you find a list of excellent Viennese restaurants: Figlmüller Griechenbeisl Glacis Beisl Dom Beisl

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