Sisi in Vienna

On the trail of the legendary Empress Elisabeth:

No other monarch of her time caused more of a stir than Empress Elisabeth. Countless stories, anecdotes and myths surround the life of this fascinating woman. So there is much to experience and discover in Vienna around the empress.

Nomen est omen and our hotel the best starting point

Where would Sisi fans and history buffs be better off than at the Hotel Kaiserin Elisabeth. Our historic hotel not only exudes the charm of the time, but with its excellent location also offers the ideal starting point for a journey into the past.

Let’s make our way to the most important scenes in Sisi’s life. Many stations can be easily reached on foot from our hotel.

Hofburg and imperial winter residence

Let’s start right away at the Hofburg, the former imperial winter residence. Here you will get an insight into the personal life of the imperial couple: from the private chambers to the fitness room (or at that time called the gym) of the disciplined and sports-loving Sisi. This is also home to the Sisi Museum, which displays many of the empress’s personal items and clothing. Take time for a guided tour and you will learn many unknown things about the empress.

Sisi monument in the Volksgarten

The tour then continues to the Volksgarten to the Sisi Monument, which is hidden in an integrated garden area. The monument was unveiled barely 10 years after the empress’s death. Her husband Emperor Franz Joseph chose the location himself and certainly not by chance. Sisi hated being stared at even during her lifetime. Thus, the hidden location managed to avoid staring at passers-by from afar.

In front of the altar in the Augustinian Church

The next stop on our route is the Augustinerkirche, once the court chapel of the Habsburgs. It was here that the young Elisabeth walked down the aisle alongside Emperor Franz Joseph in 1854: the beginning of a tragic love story.

Capuchin crypt: the final resting place

Our route continues to the Capuchin Crypt, the last resting place of the empress, but by no means the last stop on our Sisi tour. Here are the mortal remains of Empress Elisabeth. Her last wish to scatter her ashes over the sea of Corfu was not granted. So the empress now rests in a magnificent Art Nouveau coffin next to her spouse, Emperor Franz Joseph. Every year countless visitors come to bring flowers.

Schönbrunn Palace and Imperial Summer Residence

A fixed point during a stay in Vienna of every history buff and Sisi enthusiast is Schönbrunn Palace, the summer residence of the Habsburgs. Here you will discover the state and private chambers of the Habsburgs, surrounded by an impressive palace park. The park houses the Crown Prince Park, the Orangery Park, a maze, the zoo, the Palm House and numerous fountains, statues and monuments.

Empress Elisabeth – omnipresent

Numerous squares, alleys, churches and viewpoints show the enormous charisma and popularity of the empress.

The Elisabeth Chapel in the Mexican Church is a magnificent Art Nouveau chapel worth seeing, which was dedicated to her.

The Sisi Chapel am Himmel (Kahlenberg) was built on the occasion of the marriage of Elisabeth and Franz Joseph on April 24, 1854.

The Empress Elisabeth Ruhe (Kahlenberg) is located on the Villenweg, near the viewpoint on Kahlenberg. Elisabeth already loved the view of the city from the Kahlenberg and liked to come here


Being a little Sisi

Dine like in the times of the emperor. Make the most of your time in Vienna and feel a little like Sisi. Try the legendary empress’s favorite sweet: candied real violet blossoms or her favorite violet ice cream. Enjoy tasty tea cakes at the k.u.k. Hofzuckerbäckern.

K.u.K. Hofzuckerbäckerei Demel, Kohlmarkt 14, 1010 Vienna

K.u.K. Hofzuckerbäcker Heiner, Kärntnerstrasse 21-23, 1010 Vienna

K.u.K. Hofzuckerbäcker Gerstner, Kärntnerstrasse 13-15, 1010 Vienna

An imperial shopping tour

Have you always wondered how Empress Elisabeth spent her meager free time? We reveal the secret and show you stores where the beloved monarch regularly stopped by to store. Take an imperial shopping tour.

K.u.K. Court Jeweler A.E. Köchert,
The emperor personally commissioned many pieces of jewelry for his wife from jeweler Köcher. The most famous are the 27 brilliant stars that the empress had artfully braided into her hair.

K.u.K. Hofkammerjuwelier Rozet & Fischmeister, Kohlmarkt 11, 1010 Vienna
This business specializes in the restoration and manufacture of jewelry and silverware.

K.u.K. Court glazier and court glassware dealer Lobmeyer, Kärntnerstrasse 26, 1010 Vienna
Here you will find fine glasses, glassware and gift items of all kinds.

Sisi Mode, Annagasse 11, 1010 Vienna
The store offers timeless elegance and modern chic in the style of the empress.

The official Sisi Shop, at Schönbrunn Palace or the Hofburg Palace
In the Sisi Shop, Sisi fans will find everything their hearts desire: Sisi jewelry, books, CDs, DVDs, textiles, porcelain and various souvenirs.



28. June 2021