Viennese cuisine

Soulfood in Vienna

What makes Vienna so particularly cozy is the Viennese cuisine. No other city in the world is the namesake of its own food style. Viennese cuisine is unsurpassed in its diversity due to the influences of the former crown lands. The classics of Viennese cuisine are a must for every visitor to Vienna: a Tafelspitz, the real Viennese Schnitzel, a hearty goulash or sweets like the apple strudel, the Sachertorte or the Kaiserschmarren – you simply can’t miss them.

You don’t need luxury restaurants to dine really well in Vienna. There are countless excellent, down-to-earth inns. Both locals and visitors to Vienna are often spoiled for choice.

Behind the inns, or in Viennese Wirtshäuser, there is often a long tradition as well as a good and usually well-known “spirit” – the landlord – of the house. This is what makes Viennese inns so personal and warm. Because Viennese inns are so often associated with a personality behind them, each owner always emphasizes high quality and good workmanship.

Enjoy the delicacies of our city while immersing yourself in the everyday life of the Viennese. Vienna offers so many excellent inns with traditional Viennese cuisine that it is very difficult for us to choose our suggestions.

An excerpt from Vienna’s culinary diversity

Figlmüller, Wollzeile 5, 1010 Vienna

The home of the schnitzel. Pounded wafer-thin, crispy breaded and reaching to the edge of the plate. A real taste experience.

Das Griechenbeisl, Griechengasse 9, 1010 Vienna

Welcome to the oldest restaurant in Vienna. A meeting place for Viennese and visitors to Vienna who want to enjoy typical Viennese cuisine in a fancy restaurant.

Huth Gastwirtschaft, Schellingasse 5, 1010 Vienna

A toast to Viennese cuisine is the motto here. And this is presented here as anything but dusty. In addition to typical Viennese dishes, those with a sweet tooth will get their money’s worth here. Because as a typical Viennese you sometimes eat sweets as a main course. This is then the so-called Süßspeise. That’s why Gasthaus Huth makes a meticulous distinction between desserts and sweets.

Plachutta, Wollzeile 38, 1010 Vienna

One of the most famous Viennese inns is probably the Plachutta. This is the home of Tafelspitz. It is typically served with roasted potatoes, apple horseradish and chive sauce. The menu also includes many Viennese kitchen classics.

28. June 2021