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Shopping Like in the Emperor´s Time

Even today, you can still visit the same shops that once served Empress Elisabeth and her husband Emperor Franz Josef as purveyors to the royal court. Follow Sisi’s footsteps on your shopping tour and feel just like the Empress herself! Try Sisi’s favorite ice cream, adorn yourself with Sisi’s jewels or dress yourself in the style of the Empress.

K&K Hofjuwelier A.E. Köchert, Neuer Markt 15, 1010 Vienna
The Emperor himself commissioned Köchert Jewelers to make numerous pieces as gifts for his wife Sisi. The most famous gift is a set of 27 diamond stars that the Empress would have carefully braided into her hair.

K&K Hofkammerjuwelier Rozet & Fischmeister, Kohlmarkt 11, 1010 Vienna
This company specializes in the restoration and production of jewelry and silverware.

K&K Hofglaser und Hofglaswarenhändler Lobmeyer, Kärntnerstrasse 26, 1010 Vienna
Here you will find the finest glasses. Glassware and gift items of every kind.

Sisi Mode, Annagasse 11, 1010 Vienna
What would Sisi wear today? This shop offers timeless elegance and modern chic in the style of the Empress.

The Official Sisi Shop, Schönbrunn Palace or Hofburg
At the Sisi-Shop, Sisi fans will find everything that their heart desires: Sisi jewelry (including a copy of the world-famous diamond star barrette), books, CDs, DVDs, textiles, porcelain and various souvenirs. You can also easily order all the items in the online shop at

Demmers Teehaus, Mölker Bastei 5, 1010 Vienna
A paradise for tea lovers. This fine tea house offers over 300 different varieties, even including a specially created “Sisi tea blend” of Ceylon tea infused with the typical aromas of Irish whiskey liqueur. Especially delicious with a little milk and sugar.

Haas & Haas Teehaus, Stephansplatz 4, 1010 Vienna
The tea house Haas & Haas also offers a Sisi tea blend in memory of the Empress: A decadent yet delicate floral tea creation made from black tea, pineapple, bergamot and vanilla, rose petals and mallow. Perfect as a reminder of your time in Vienna or as a gift for loved ones at home!

Confiserie Heindl, Kärntnerstrasse 35, 1010 Vienna
For those with a sweet tooth, Heindl offers the ‘Sisi Taler’: An exquisite combination of fruity apricot-marzipan on truffle cream covered in the finest whole milk chocolate. Each ‘Taler’ is individually wrapped and decorated with the face of the Empress Sisi. As a special treat they also offer Sisi violets: Finest raspberry truffle cream coated in fine dark chocolate.

Wald & Wiese IBZ Bienenhof, Neubaugasse 26, 1070 Vienna
Empress Sissi adored all varieties of violets. The honey creation “Sisi violet” with a handful of candied violets is a delicious piece of history in a honey jar.